History of Goudbaai since 1884

Terschelling has traditionally been a sailing nation. Of course, previous generations saw money in it too, so a higher Maritime school is housed on Terschellingen. The Willem Barentz where a good education can still be enjoyed today.


It is special to remember that it started on Whale shipping and Fishing on Terschelling. They earned the money "on the water." So after years of diligent work, whalers had put together a nice little penny. The surrender wants them to buy a small house with a cow, a goat and a horse from that money. This is how Terschelling got its first residents.

After years of absence, the fishery has returned to Terschelling. When you walk along the quay and see a boatswain, ask for fresh shrimp.

Baaiduinen en familie Goudberg


When one looks from the yard of the holiday homes to the hinterland, the Terschelling dunes can be seen. When Terschelling is viewed on Google Maps, there is a clear cove in the country. That is how the surrender wants, Baaiduinen has come to its name. When we add the family name of Bertus and Brechtje Goudberg to it, the name Goudbaai is quickly created by merging.

Pand van het Bakkersbedrijf familie Goudberg te Baaiduinen

The bakery

In the 1920s there was a real Bakery on the site of the holiday homes. From the time that each hamlet still had at least 2 or 3 bakeries. After the Stada, van Galen and Stol families had their bakeries here, a new path was taken by the rise of the supermarkets. Physiotherapist Hesselink.

The Contractor

What Hesselink could not have imagined is that the Eilander doctors of the time did not see anything in "Heil massage". It had no added value for the patients. But what the Physical Therapist did see was the rental of apartments. This is how the first two rental properties were created on the Goudberg site.

But the income was too small for Hesselink and he went back to the mainland. In this way the Goudbaai was transferred to the father Durk Goudberg, who started work here in 1958 with his contracting firm on Terschelling.

Other farmers from the Terschelling area also needed the contracting company and that is how Durk settled in Terschelling in 1965. And see the start of holiday rentals for the Goudbaai.

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