Widest beach in the Netherlands

Terschelling has the widest beach in the Netherlands and a huge number of visitors come to that. Because of the wide beach there is enough space for everyone. Privacy guaranteed!

vakantiehuis Goudbaai en de familie Goudberg

But there is also something for everyone to experience. For sportive enthusiasts, there are cycling routes, walking routes and many outdoor activities. For the social animals among us there are cozy places to go out (not to mention Oerol). And for the sun and beach lovers, you can swim and get healthy on the beach.

vakantiehuis Goudbaai en de familie Goudberg

Of course it is occasionally time for a tasty snack. There are several occasions worth serving drinks, ice creams, lunch and dinner. What Terschelling really prides itself on is the well-kept beach, which is cleaned daily. The rescue brigades watch over the safety of islanders and tourists. To this end, there are various first aid posts on the island.

What makes terschelling unique .... the beautiful wide beach has something for everyone.

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