Holiday home - It Gasthûs

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Boot naar Terschelling

When you book at the Goudbaai holiday homes it is very wise to reserve the boat as soon as possible. Especially in high season it is not pleasant to be forced to take the last boat (19.45). For Terschelling there is really only 1 shipping company...
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Terschellings als Natuurgebied

The Wadden area invites you to be experienced. Terschellings is therefore located in the middle of the Wadden area as the 3rd island in the TV-TAS list as every Dutch person at school has learned at Topography. The beauty of Terschelling is...
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Sporty Terschelling

Whether you want to walk or cycle, that is always possible. But if you really want something special, then take the Island Girl and her Fatbike for a wonderful trip on the island. Or take kite surfing, beachcombing or horse riding on the beach....
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Baaiduinen is a small old hamlet under the smoke of Midsland that lies in the middle of Terschelling. On January 1, 2018, the village had 107 inhabitants. Baaiduinen is surrounded by a number of small but much older settlements, Kinnum, Kaard and...
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History of Goudbaai since 1884

Terschelling has traditionally been a sailing nation. Of course, previous generations saw money in it too, so a higher Maritime school is housed on Terschellingen. The Willem Barentz where a good education can still be enjoyed today. Whaling ...
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Widest beach in the Netherlands

Terschelling has the widest beach in the Netherlands and a huge number of visitors come to that. Because of the wide beach there is enough space for everyone. Privacy guaranteed! But there is also something for everyone to experience. For...
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