Boot naar Terschelling

When you book at the Goudbaai holiday homes it is very wise to reserve the boat as soon as possible. Especially in high season it is not pleasant to be forced to take the last boat (19.45).

For Terschelling there is really only 1 shipping company where you can book. That is Rederij Doeksen. The boat sails from Harlingen and goes to West - Terschelling. You can go to the island with or without a car, on condition that you have reserved in time.

On the boat you can use the restaurant and quietly read a newspaper. The crossing of the normal boat takes about 2 hours and gives the possibility to take the car or bicycle with you. The fast boat takes about 45 minutes but only passengers can do that.

You can book the crossing at Rederij Doeksen. We actually always advise you to book the shipping company immediately after booking, as the boat can be full in the high season. And arriving at 22:30 in the evening instead of the planned 9:30 is often annoying. Because full = full at the boat.

On the website of the shipping company you can find information about

  • Parking for the ferry to Terschelling
  • Crossing prices
  • Departure times
  • With the boat from Terschelling to Vlieland

Shipping company Doeksen

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