Terschellings als Natuurgebied

The Wadden area invites you to be experienced. Terschellings is therefore located in the middle of the Wadden area as the 3rd island in the TV-TAS list as every Dutch person at school has learned at Topography.

The beauty of Terschelling is that it deals with respect for nature. As the Wadden Association says: 'Rest for Birds, Space for People'. That is what makes nature experience so strong here. Because the more people enjoy nature and birds in the wadden region, the greater the support for conservation and recovery.

Goudbaai als uitgangspunt voor een lekkere wandeling aan het strand

At Goudbaai we can help you with fantastic walking and cycling routes all over the island. As the beach is close by everywhere, Goudbaai is always close to the beach.

In short, Terschlling is a beautiful area where you can walk nicely and where there is much to experience.

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